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First morning first
Disquieting, uncertain, mystifying
Wandering distracted so as not to be forced to focus
The decrepit leaden layers
Asbestos old to disassemble and disintegrate
Wondering when to run
And if I’ll know
And if it’ll matter
And if anyone will notice
Bolting to sleep and gentled to wake
A Loki these mornings are now
Still tendering false hope
Slowly draw back the time
That the grey dawn is allowed to comfort
You will hate to know
Will scream and rail
That your manipulations and evasions and revisions
Have finally been eclipsed by something more powerful
And far more dreadful

Natalie Frank (Taye Carrol) has had work featured in Haunted Waters Press, Weirdbook Magazine, Siren’s Call Publications, Lycan Valley Press & Zero Fiction among others. Her poetry has been featured in several anthologies including Untimely Frost among others.

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