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On Time and Cultural Progression.

We are supposed to assume, through the concept of time being merged undifferentiately with the idea of progression, that we are currently at the cutting edge of human civilisation; as opposed to the unenlightened history that lies in our wake.

However, if we can regard time, as it really is; a concept of man, and then look back on the ancient civilisations since destroyed, such as the Athenian empire, we may be more inclined to observe plainly the comparison between those human societies and that of the ‘modern day’; we may be shocked by the conclusive results.

Hence, it would become far more apparent that the comparative overall deterioration of the culture of the present; masked so effectively by the technological progressions that we deify, must be addressed, and that the path forward may be resolved far more effectively not by looking into the future, but, infact, by looking into our past.


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