We won at a hackathon that someone else won

During the last weekend of September 2017 I was invited to participate in the first Craft Beer Hackathon at BRLO together with another three guys: Mohamed, a Backend dev star, Pankaj, a Frontend dev…


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When Opportunity Overrules Passion

I watched Mike Rowe’s video on not to “Follow Your Passion”

The dirty truth is that passion does not immediately make you good at something. Our mind movie easily convinces us that we will not face rejection and that we will easily master a skill. He’s got a point.

He mentions that blindingly wandering and wishing for immediate success, instead of really seeing the unique opportunities around you, wastes time.

We can bring our passions with us and not feel the need to turn them into our career. We can’t do it all. It can happen with immense work, despite the varied circumstances that we face.

His words are focused his words on opportunity. Calling our findings and places we can make a difference. Seeing our advantages. And not merely finding our callings.

This mirrors the thoughts that I learned from Seth Godin on strategic quitting. For how long and to what end should we pursue something? It depends on if we can make it through the dip. The moment that feels like failure when we are so close to the momentum of success.

Successful people know when to continue, and when it’s advantageous to stop. If a position ends in a Cul-De-Sac and flat-lines or the route chosen becomes dead end, there may be another opportunity to change course.

Passion and persistence still have a downside of futility.

Mike Rowe sums up the inverted u-curve reality very well with this nuanced statement. We live in the middle and understand at the edges.

“Passion is too important to be without, but too fickle to be guided by.”

That’s why Mike Rowe says to bring your passion with you. You never know when your passion will come when it comes in handy.

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