Spatial Transformer Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks define an exceptionally powerful class of models, but are still limited by the lack of ability to be spatially invariant to the input data in a computationally and…


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Building Your Fluz Network Using Your Professional Connections

Inviting your friends and family is a wonderful way to jump-start your passive earnings within the Fluz app. Your deep personal connection with these individuals means that they are more likely to heed your guidance, but no ones list of family members and friends is infinite.

For most people, the greatest source of potential invites will be the connections built throughout a lifetime of professional endeavors. Every person you have or will come into contact with at the office is working to maintain a lifestyle. From the cleaning lady, to the front desk secretary, to the head of marketing, they all would love to find a way to stretch the limited funds they work hard for.

Some of your co-workers might already be using a cash back app and will be very familiar with how the process functions, others will be delighted to hear they can earn rewards when they purchase their day-to-day necessities. In any case, informing your co-workers of the newest and most efficient way to earn real cash rewards when they shop will warrant you some serious commendation around the water cooler.

Saving your co-workers money is a respectable act in and of itself. However, since you are directly responsible for informing everyone on how to make their money work for them, you are going to get a nice tangible benefit on top. Every person in your network provides a small percentage of cash back into your wallet when they purchase, but every person you directly invite will award 6x more cash back than normal. Additionally, when your co-workers go home and start inviting their family and friends to the app, those people will end up in your network as well. The potential is indisputable.

Check out these tips to get you started on approaching your colleagues to join your team.

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