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During the last weekend of September 2017 I was invited to participate in the first Craft Beer Hackathon at BRLO together with another three guys: Mohamed, a Backend dev star, Pankaj, a Frontend dev…


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Is Your Work Ethic Matching Your Audacity?

It is easy to get lost dreaming and fantasizing about the big picture that we forget about what is in front of us. Right now. Right here.

I would say the majority of people love thinking about the big picture whether it would be getting a promotion, or a breakthrough in your career, or having a family with two children. People want the fulfillment that they work so hard for. It’s that shot and rush of dopamine that sets you in the ether.

It is absolutely clear when an individual is still searching for that sense of fulfillment, whether in one’s personal life or even in business it is obvious.

I feel like there are three categories to success that are extremely detrimental. And success is subjective to anyone’s perspective.

Three key traits for anyone to achieve their sense of success.

Now, this one is absolutely obvious. You need the hunger. You need the mindset of being the hardest working individual every single minute you are in the grind. It is not easy to simply wake up every morning determined and driven. In addition, it is harder to take the heat of being misunderstood, having little to no social life, walking down a lonely path, and embracing the adversity.

There is so much taking yet not enough sacrificing. I am willing to give up my late teens and early 20’s to achieve what I dreamt of and pursue my life’s vision of helping everyone I meet in pursuing their ambition.

It is all about doing what other people do not have the drive to do.

And yet, there are individuals who are equally as afraid. People are scared to do. It is the fear of failure, or typically judgement from others. They love to romanticize about how they will get there yet they do not pick day one over one day.

I know a lot of people are going to look up his name and react oddly to who he actually is 😅


I had someone — today, May 9, 2018 — told me that no one cares about my vlogs on Youtube, my blogs on Medium, my Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. Okay, so? I am still putting out value out there because I know when I achieve the fraction of success that I hustle for, they will email me asking “How’d you do it?”

Don’t mix gratitude with happiness. Two completely seperate feelings yet are synergists. People complain and they complain often expecting sympathy and magical day that will make it go all away.

Never going to happen. See, the only people who are inclined to do something are the people who are forced to hear it. Example given: your mom, your dad, your siblings, Uncle Rick, Aunt Sally. And, yes, there will be people who are attracted to your misery which are the other friends you have that do the same amount of complaining, or even more.

Let’s put it in perspective. The majority of the complaints are first world problems. Keep that in mind.

Okay, and? What are you going to do about it? Unless you are paralyzed for the rest of your life — well, actually, you cannot even say that. You look at Stephen Hawkings who had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis yet still achieved significance and greatness before and after it had fully taken over him.

You are complaining in a first world country about first world problems yet have a first world ability to actually do something about it.

There is nothing more insulting than that.

Again, and?

Now, everyone has their own subjective “Why.” Their sense of fulfillment. Why they want to achieve their own version of success.

We all need this feeling or else we end up drowning in materialism and mediocre illusions of a “great life.”

I know plenty of people who make eight million American dollars a year yet feel miserable about their lives. It is not a money game. It is a fulfillment game. You can make 80,000$ doing something you love blogging about rugby versus making 120,000$ a year being a lawyer because your parents told you to.

It just doesn’t work out in the end.

You need that reason. That dominant emotional motive. It fills that void in your chest.

Thank you reading.

Stay Golden.

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